Team Building Painting Party

Enhance team building and improve communication. Schedule a painting party for your business, sport team, or any other organization and promote creativity, break barrier, and team motivation. Take your team outside the office setting and expose them to something different. We offer healthy competition, and group activities.



Paint For FUNds

Let's makes art for funds. We have hosted many fundraising events for different non-profit organizations and for other good causes. Making art for funds is a great way to motivate others to donate and collaborate together toward something better. Feel free to email us for more information on how we can help to help others


Kids Birthday Party

Painting parties are fun and creative. A party of 10 painters $200, and $15 for any additional child. Feel free to bring you own party food and drinks. Kids need to be accompanied by a responsible adult during painting party. We can create a special theme for the occasion at no extra charge, or you can select from our gallery. We required $50 deposit at least a week before the event. Painting parties can be scheduled Saturday or Sunday from  12-1:45 pm or 3-4:45 pm Celebrate your child's birthday in an artistic way.



Home Painting Party

Add some color to your next home event. Not matter what the occasion is, you can can still add some entertaining to your guests. Just email us  for more information. 



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